Does Neurofeedback Work?

Does neurofeedback work? If you asked me what I thought about neurofeedback two years ago, I would have told you it is another useless gimmick. When you have a past of chronic depression and anxiety, the idea of something as non-invasive and effortless as neurofeedback transforming your life sounds purely laughable. What? I don’t have to do anything but relax for 33 minutes and my brain will create new ways to function more efficiently? I have been ripped off my whole life! You have to admit. That sounds pretty appealing, doesn’t it?

What is Neurofeedback?

In simple terms, neurofeedback trains the brain to work at its best and calms the central nervous system (CNS), helping the brain to respond to stressful situations in a more healthy manner. Neurofeedback is capable of reading your brainwaves millisecond-by-millisecond and utilizes your natural feedback system to provide you with key information to retrain your brain. When your brain is functioning at its best, the symptoms of a condition such as anxiety are less prevalent.

The Backstory

I did not understand the breadth of my trauma when I learned about neurofeedback. Many painful experiences had been buried deep within my subconscious mind. I was not receptive to any kind of outside help because I didn’t even know I had trauma to straighten out. Prior to meeting the Wiseman family, I was dealing with chronic depression and social anxiety. This led to self-deprecating behaviours such as smoking cigarettes, consuming innutritious foods, dealing with a boatload of gut issues and other modalities of self-sabotage. I did not like the person that I was. In fact, I didn’t even know who I was. I had lost my identity in my romantic relationship and all understanding of how to function without the aid of a partner. I had hit rock bottom.

Meeting the Wiseman Family

I met the Wiseman family by fluke. Samuel Wiseman and I met through a friend who was eager to hook us up. A new relationship was unappealing to me at the time. I felt that I could not burden another person with my baggage. Due to my friend’s persistence and precognition, Sam and I met up and hit it off instantly. Little did I know that he would lay the stepping stone to my journey of self-love and healing.

When I met Suzanne Wiseman, I instantly opened up to her about my trauma. With her beautiful nurturing and caregiving aspect, I felt comfortable to express my reservations. Finally, I could speak to someone and be heard. She held space for me. Suzanne gave me an introductory course on neurofeedback, explaining its vast benefits relative to ADHD, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue. I became fascinated by the technology and decided to give it a shot.

Does Neurofeedback Work?

After completing approximately 20-30 sessions, the first thing I recognized was a flashback from a traumatic childhood event. This was followed by the recollection of a deep-rooted memory that I avoided to protect myself. Memories would revisit my conscious mind at random times. I thought, “Wow, that really does have an affect on me still. That is something I must work to unravel.”

Furthermore, my ability to focus on school projects and work tasks grew as I had more sessions under my belt. For example, I could be attentive for longer which would help me to wrap up assignments more efficiently. I also felt increasingly energized and optimistic about life. I experience social anxiety now but to a lesser degree than before. If I could describe my social anxiety as a smooth line graph, the dips are far less dramatic. I can actually sit through a dinner table conversation! Who knew?

A Milestone for My Personal Evolution

The past year has been one for the books. From leading a bootcamp in Kelowna to running my own summer bootcamp in Toronto to finally basking in my alone time, this year has been a milestone for my personal evolution. The amount of growth that I have seen in myself is truly remarkable.

To read more about neurofeedback visit and watch Sam’s testimonial.


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  1. Suzanne Wiseman says:

    Thank you Annika for your kind words and sharing your experiences with me. Your trust and honesty are only 2 of your wonderful qualities.

    Your Neurofeedback journey is inspiring for others. Thanks for letting others know about its many benefits. It means more to hear first hand experiences.

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. It has made a great impact on my life.

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